Egochef is a known brand for quality of its products, attentive service and innovation of materials and technical solutions.

The key word is passion for clothing handed down from generation to generation since 1786. This date refers to the first tailor of which we know belonging to the Ravazzolo family.

The company, until the 80s of the last century, was specialized in the study and realization of professional clothing for the industry.

No Borders

With the entry into society of the current partners, the brothers Andrea and Luigi Arrigo Ravazzolo, the core business has embraced two innovative environments: kitchen and medical line.

The activity, at the beginning linked to the Treviso’s province, today has not borders.
Thanks to the fairs and to the communication activities, the company has reached a globalized market.

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Over 200 years of experience in the professional clothing industry.
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Thanks to our warehouse, you can find everything you need for your business.
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Over 1000 options to express your unique style!